Do San Diego Courts Favor Mothers in Child Custody Decisions?

California child custody laws have most certainly evolved during our history as a state. Historically, it appeared that mothers were favored in court to get custody of the parties’ children just because they were female. Mothers were pretty much guaranteed to get custody of the children, while even the best fathers were only given a limited visitation schedule while the children. Perhaps this was because traditionally mothers were viewed to be the more nurturing of the two parents; they were viewed as the parent who does everything in their power to make sure the children are taken care of properly and grow up right.

Despite popular belief, such favoring of mothers in child custody arrangements is not the case today. In this modern day in age, most states’ laws actually prevent the courts from considering a party’s gender when making a ruling on child custody. In San Diego, courts grant equal rights to both mothers and fathers in child custody cases. California Family Code Section 3040 specifically states that “custody should be granted… according to the best interest of the child…and shall not prefer a parent as custodian because of that parent’s sex.” Moreover, it is the public policy of California to ensure that children have frequent and continuing contact with both the mother and father.

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The legal standard of “the best interests of the children” requires a court to take various factors into consideration, not including gender, when making a decision regarding the care and custody of the parties’ children. The Family Code sets forth various factors that a court will consider, including but not limited to, the following:

  • Any history of abuse or neglect by either parent;
  • The habitual or continual illegal use of controlled substances;
  • The habitual or continual abuse of alcohol or prescribed controlled substances by either parent;
  • The overall health, safety and welfare of the child;
  • The requests of the parents;
  • The requests of the child if the child is of sufficient age and capacity to form an intelligent preference as to custody or visitation (Family Code 3042);

Thus, the main concern of any San Diego family law court is what custody and visitation arrangement is going to be consistent with the children’s best interests. A parties’ sex, therefore, will not determine who gets priority for being awarded the care and custody of the children involved.

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