Gwen Stefani, is dating during divorce wise?

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale’s divorce was recently finalized after a 13-year marriage. They had 3 children together. Gavin subjected Gwen to the stereotypical man cheats on woman with the nanny scenario. And allegedly in this case, man cheated on woman with nanny for 3 years before woman found out and filed for divorce. Even so, each party reportedly walked away from the divorce getting what they wanted.

Gwen hasn’t hidden the fact that the split was difficult for her, but that didn’t stop her from jumping right back into the dating pool, into a highly-publicized whirlwind romance with her TV co-host and country singer Blake Shelton. And of course, now that her divorce is finalized, speculation has already begun as to when Blake will be popping the question. Will Gwen jump right back into another marriage after enduring such a betrayal in her first marriage? Was dating while going through a divorce a good idea?

Divorce and Marriage World Records

There seems to be a general consensus that dating during a divorce is NOT a good idea. Studies have shown that relationships begun during the pendency of a divorce will typically not be successful. It’s no secret that divorce is difficult, and often times divorcing people will turn to a new partner to help them cope through this difficult time.

There are many reasons while dating through a divorce may not be the best idea. First, you may need some time to heal emotionally from your relationship prior to beginning a new one. Second, the divorce process is much more successful when parties are able to work together to resolve their issues. If one partner rushes into a new relationship while a divorce is pending, it may have a negative impact in your divorce process if your ex-spouse is hurt and decides to become more contentious. Third, if you have children, it may make the transition much more upsetting and difficult for them. The list goes on.

We wish Gwen and Blake the best of luck, and hope that they are the exception to the rule. While we are not trying to discourage anyone from finding happiness, we hope to encourage people going through divorce to take a step back and put extra consideration into whether starting a new relationship before the divorce if finalized is really the best step. Please contact us if you are considering a divorce from your spouse, a legal separation, or have questions regarding child custody and visitation. Nancy J. Bickford is the only Certified Family Law Specialist (CFLS) in San Diego County who is also a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Don’t settle for less when determining your rights. Call 858-793-8884 in Del Mar, Carmel Valley, North County or San Diego.

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