Is There a Good Time to Get Divorced in San Diego?

Few people would agree that there is a good time to get divorced. It can be a long, drawn out process and complex. Not only that, but it can lead to overwhelming stress and problems with other family relationships if not handled well.

A new article published on by Investopedia looks at the best and worst times to consider a divorce in San Diego. Many people are struggling financially right now because of the effects of the Great Recession. Some people have the desire to get a divorce, but feel as if they can’t afford it and stay together in order to save money.That can lead to volatile situation that can lead to domestic violence issues as tempers flare, egos are bruised and feelings hurt. Even if you think your finances prohibit you from getting a divorce, it would be prudent to set up a consultation with an experienced San Diego Divorce Lawyer to discuss your options and talk about your situation.

Here are some events that can impact a divorce:

An up and down real estate market: At one time, a house was a major asset that couples might fight tooth-and-nail to obtain, but times have changed. According to foreclosure tracking site Realtytrac, every zip code but one in San Diego has “high” foreclosure activity level, with nearly 1 in every 147 housing units in foreclosure.

San Diego, like many parts of the country, has seen housing prices drop as foreclosures saturate the market, leaving many people upside down on their mortgages. For that reason, a house in a divorce may be less of an asset and more of a debt that must handled. While in past divorces, one spouse may be awarded the house and the other spouse would be awarded other assets in exchange, now the other spouse may have to give up assets if an ex agrees to take on an upside-down house.

A shaky economy: With the economy slowly recovering (and some would argue slowly is an exaggeration), many people are hurting financially. Going through a divorce at this time can be difficult.

A poor credit score: A bad credit history coupled with a divorce can be bad news for a person going through the process. Having to obtain a car loan or perhaps rent a house on your own can be more difficult without the added security of a second income or a house that may already be paid off in full. Again, a trusted attorney will be invaluable in assisting you in avoiding the common pitfalls of the divorce process.

If one of the two spouses has a bad credit score, negotiating to keep the car or house to avoid having to venture out for a loan may be prudent.

Minor children: Divorce is more complex and stressful when children are involved. Child custody in San Diego divorces can make a divorce more contentious and more financially difficult. With two sets of living expenses instead of pooled money, each parent will have less to give to college funds and other expenses, but financial aid may be easier to obtain.

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