San Diego Divorce and Weighty Matters

A recent study conducted by Ohio State University researchers found that women are more likely to gain weight after they get married, while men tend to add the pounds after a San Diego divorce.

Divorce can be a difficult time in the lives of many spouses, as they have come to realize that they aren’t as compatible as they once believed. Perhaps infidelity has caused the once-proud couple to split. Finances are often a bone of contention. Whatever the reason, consulting with an experienced San Diego Divorce Lawyer who is also a certified family law specialist should be the first step. Certified Family law specialist is a designation obtained by less than 2 percent of California divorce attorneys and represents the profession’s highest degree of professional excellence.The process of divorce can have long-lasting effects and can take a mental toll on the spouses. Having to adapt to living alone, perhaps being split up from children and dealing with the financial stress of separated life can all be stressful. That stress can lead to health problems, including weight problems.

According to a story reported by FOX in Los Angeles, the Ohio State study found that men tend to gain weight after a divorce, while for women, the weight is put on after marriage. The two events are called “weight shocks.”

The most drastic weight changes came for people over 30, the study found. The study followed 10,071 people from 1986 to 2008 to determine weight gain in the two years following a divorce and a marriage, taking into consideration factors such as pregnancy, socioeconomic status, education and finances.

The researchers made their determination that because women still tend to have a bigger role in household matters, they have less time to exercise. Partly because of that benefit, men are more fit in marriage and add on weight once they are divorced.

Many things go through the minds of people who are considering a divorce and among the biggest issues is child custody in San Diego divorces. Where a child lives and who gets to make key decisions that affect their lives are among the most contentious issues that divorcees struggle to handle.

In California, a family court judge will take many things into consideration in determining where a child will live and with which parent. The judge will look at what is best for the child. Involvement with the children, incidents of domestic violence or use of drugs or alcohol will likely come into play.

While the stress of this particular decision and others, such as property division, support payments and other issues, can cause a client to have negative physical side effects, an experienced San Diego Divorce Lawyer will be able to shield the client from as much stress as possible. Everyone wants to get on with their lives and therefore the least amount of stress the divorcee is exposed to, the better. An experienced attorney can help take some of the emotion out of the equation.

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