New Startup Company Using Technology to Streamline the Divorce Process

We often blog about the advantages of a mediated/negotiated divorce settlement; however, a new company “Wevorce” is taking this concept to a new level. Family law offers unique challenges to divorce attorneys and the court because the disputed issues are extremely personal to the litigants. When the parties are unable to reach agreements, these private disputes are aired in open court in front of judges, staff, and litigants awaiting their turn. The CEO of Wevorce stated that the concept for the company was inspired by her parents and their 15 year divorce battle. Unfortunately, long and painful divorces are not uncommon and can cost the parties thousands in unnecessary legal fees. Wevorce is driven by the philosophy that cooperation is the secret to a quick and semi-painless divorce.

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Wevorce claims to use technology to keep the divorce process structured and moving along smoothly. A traditional contested divorce moving through the court system is often broken up by several deadlines, hearings, continuances, and various other roadblocks thrown up by the parties. In addition to using new innovative techniques to settle divorces, Wevorce also focuses on the emotions involved. Most importantly, Wevorce emphasizes the need for both parents to cooperate in the best interest of any minor children. Custody and visitation is a very emotional area of family law and should be negotiated in such a way to safeguard children from the adversarial process.

Wevorce is promoted as a “new spin” on divorce; however, family law attorneys have been attempting to mediate divorce cases for years. Despite the best intentions and efforts of attorneys, in many cases the parties are unwilling to accept a settlement offer to agree to any terms proposed by his or her spouse. These types of litigious cases can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. One of the most enticing elements of the Wevorce concept is the fact that they offer “flat rate” pricing to divorce so that spouses can manage and control the cost of the proceeding.

Wevorce boasts an extremely high success rate in settling cases. This may be due to the fact that only parties in an amicable state of mind have used the company’s services. A spouse full of anger, resentment, and skepticism is unlikely to agree to use a mediation service to resolve his or her divorce. The best divorce attorneys know that by the time spouses reach the point of divorce, they have problems trusting one another and cooperating to the benefit of the other. If the Wevorce method can translate to resolve conflicts in these contentious cases, it may be the new frontier in family law.

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