Common Signs That May Mean It Is Time for a Divorce

Common Signs That May Mean It Is Time for a Divorce


When a couple decides to get married, the last thing on their minds is the possibility of a divorce. Unfortunately, life takes some unexpected turns, and individuals begin to question whether they made the right decision. It can be a difficult storm to weather, as no one wants to see their fairy tale turn into a nightmare, but many signs may make it apparent that you should consider the possibility of a divorce. Whether you are still living in the same household, or separated and trying to find a way to make things work, consider these common indicators that a divorce may be the only way to move on with your life and be happy.


If you find that you no longer care about your relationship, it may be a signal that you are ready to seek a divorce. This often indicates that an individual has given up on trying to fix their damaged marriage and has no interest in making things work. Apathy toward marriage or partner can be difficult to accept, but once acknowledged, the person may be more prepared to take the necessary steps to move on with their life. This often happens after the couple has tried many avenues, such as marriage counseling and therapy. It may occur even when you haven’t made any effort whatsoever to save your relationship. If you feel that you have already given up, you long for a lifestyle that no longer includes your spouse, and you don’t care about your relationship, you may wish to get a divorce.

Toxicity in the Relationship

If you find that the dynamics of your marriage have changed so completely that there is little left but negative energy, it may be a sign that you are in a toxic relationship. Your marriage that began as a loving partnership, full of hope for a long future together, may have turned into a hostile arrangement in which you feel nothing but contempt and dread. Many relationships like this also turn physically, emotionally, or mentally abusive. This behavior from either partner is unacceptable. Although it can be addressed through therapy and counseling, no one who is being abused in any way should tolerate the situation they are in.

Losing Yourself

Falling in love is an intoxicating experience, and most individuals find themselves consumed with their partner and the relationship they share. It can sometimes be difficult for an individual to differentiate that feeling from the feeling of simply having lost their own identity. If you find that you are entirely focused on making your failing relationship work and no longer take time for yourself or enjoy any of the activities or hobbies you once did, you may have lost yourself. Some individuals feel that they are simply staying with their partner for the benefit of their children, but regardless of the specifics of your relationship, you must maintain a connection to the things that define you as a person. When this is lost, there is often no hope for the relationship.


Cheating in a relationship, whether by you or your spouse, is a significant sign that the marriage is headed for a divorce. People typically think of this type of behavior as physically engaging in relations with another person outside of the marriage, but emotional cheating can be just as damaging. In today’s digital world, computers, tablets, and smartphones offer various ways for an individual to cheat on their partner. Couples who have few other issues sometimes find that they can repair their relationship after one of them has cheated. Still, many others realize that this is a sign to seek legal counsel to explore separation and divorce options.

Contempt in the Marriage

It may be challenging to recognize the contempt that could be killing your marriage. This emotion may range from resentment toward a partner to absolutely despising them, depending on the situation. If you find that your mood is so severely affected when your spouse enters the room that the energy quickly changes from positive to negative, or if your partner stops treating you as an equal and begins criticizing everything you do, contempt may be quick to develop. These feelings must be addressed and dealt with if you wish to overcome the bitterness and repair your marriage, but in many cases, it is too late.


Lack of Trust

One of the keys to a successful marriage is that it is built on trust, as your spouse is supposed to be the person you can completely rely on throughout your life together. When a marriage lacks trust, it becomes impossible for an individual to feel the comfort level they should. Many factors may contribute to a loss of trust in a marriage, such as disrespectful behavior, lying, and infidelity. If you find yourself in a situation where you have trouble believing anything your spouse tells you, and you second-guess their every action, it is a terrible omen for the marriage. In many cases, loss of trust is one of the primary factors that lead to a divorce.

Loss of Intimacy

There are many difficulties in marriages, and there are times that a couple doesn’t share as much intimate time as they once did for a variety of reasons. However, a complete lack of intimacy in a marriage may be a devastating sign that a relationship is headed for its end. Although there are many important parts that make up a successful marriage, intimacy is one of the biggest. This is typically the defining factor that differentiates a romantic relationship from a friendship. Individuals often need a little space, and intimate encounters may become sparse, but it may also be a red flag in a marriage. If you are at the point that you literally can’t remember the last time you and your spouse were intimate, your relationship may be in serious trouble.

Poor Communication

Communication issues in a marriage are often one of the leading causes of separation and divorce. For a couple to successfully function as a team, communication is a crucial factor. A marriage is a partnership, and acting as a team is necessary to resolve minor issues and build a life together. You should be able to go to your partner for understanding and support when you need it most and talk about anything with them, no matter how large or small. It is common for couples to argue when they face issues, but if they communicate properly, there should be no focus on who is right or wrong. The easiest way to tell if communication is a dire issue in your marriage is to recognize when you and your spouse are constantly at odds and unable to converse about things that matter, as you once did.

Discuss Your Options With a Skilled Attorney

If you recognize any of these signs that your marriage is headed for divorce, chances are you have already attempted reconciliation through counseling. It is never easy to give up on a marriage, and it should not be taken lightly or without making an effort to resolve issues. However, if you are at the point that you need to discuss your options for divorce, the compassionate lawyers at Bickford, Blado, & Botros have the knowledge to walk you through the complex process. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment to discuss your options.



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