Why Do I Need a Divorce Attorney?

Why Do I Need a Divorce Attorney?


If you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage, it is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed when you imagine what to expect over the coming months as your divorce case unfolds. To help, one of the most important things you can do once you have decided to divorce is to hire a divorce attorney. Unfortunately, many people divorcing in San Diego mistakenly believe that they do not need legal representation, choosing to represent their own interests in divorce mediation or litigation in the family court system.

At Bickford, Blado & Botros, we aim to provide our prospective clients with the information they need to make confident and informed decisions about their divorce cases. We firmly believe that reliable legal representation is one of the best assets anyone can have when they face a difficult divorce case. For that reason, we want to provide useful information and emphasize the importance of trustworthy legal counsel as you approach your divorce.

Risks of Handling Divorce Alone

Divorce is much more than just ending a marriage. It is also the legal process of determining custody of your children and dividing your marital property. Even if you do not have children and control limited assets, the actual process of divorce can be extraordinarily complex. For that reason, the average person with no legal experience is likely to have significant difficulty handling the issues that can arise during a divorce case.

Without legal representation, you may overlook vital details in your financial disclosure, forget to file necessary documentation with the local courthouse, or fail to schedule hearings when required. You will not only need to handle the procedural and administrative requirements your divorce entails, but you will need to do so while also managing your everyday life. Hiring an attorney means you can focus on your normal responsibilities with the confidence of knowing that your case is in capable hands.

Benefits of Hiring an Attorney for a San Diego Divorce

Choosing the right attorney can have a dramatic positive effect on your divorce case. An experienced divorce lawyer can provide several tangible benefits as you navigate the divorce process:

  • You will not need to worry about procedural issues like court filings, or scheduling required hearings. Your legal team can handle these issues on your behalf so you can focus on your everyday responsibilities with peace of mind.
  • Your attorney can help you with financial disclosure to ensure that all of your financial records are complete as you begin property division determination.
  • An experienced attorney will help you determine the best possible approach to your divorce, whether that includes alternative dispute resolution or preparing for trial.
  • If you have a prenuptial contract, your attorney can review it carefully to ensure it is still valid and enforceable. Your attorney can also help you implement the prenuptial effectively in your divorce.
  • If your divorce entails difficult issues, your attorney can consult with expert witnesses. Individuals like medical professionals, economic experts, forensic accountants, and others can clarify these matters and help you approach them more confidently.
  • The experts your attorney hires to assist in your case may also help you understand the long-term ramifications of your divorce more clearly. For example, an expert can help you acknowledge the tax implications of your situation so you can make more informed decisions as you proceed with your divorce.
  • Your legal team will assist you in preparing for every mediation session or court appearance. This preparation can help you understand what to expect from every stage of your divorce proceedings, so you do not feel overwhelmed at any point in your case.
  • Finalizing your divorce may not be the end of your legal issues pertaining to your marriage. Should you need to revisit any aspect of your divorce through post-judgment modification or contempt proceedings, you will have a legal team that is already familiar with the specifics of your case.

These benefits should encourage anyone in the San Diego area to seek legal counsel as soon as possible once they have decided to divorce. California upholds many strict laws when it comes to divorce. As a result, navigating these issues alone can be incredibly challenging. Hiring the right attorney to assist you will allow you to prepare a more robust case. Best of all, it can increase the chances of securing the results you hope to see from your divorce.


What to Expect from Your Divorce Attorney

Your attorney should begin representation by getting to know you and your situation. This process helps them provide more personalized legal counsel and reveals which method of handling your divorce would be the most successful. Most modern divorce attorneys encourage their clients to take advantage of alternative dispute resolution options like mediation to avoid much of the expense and time required for litigation.

A skilled attorney should explain the benefits of mediation as they pertain to your case and help you understand what to expect from your own mediation sessions. For example, you may not be able to settle every issue your divorce entails through mediation, but your attorney can highlight the areas that should command your focus. This way, you can extract maximum value from alternative dispute resolution before heading to trial to handle the remainder of your case.

Finally, you should expect your attorney to provide you with valuable parting advice as your divorce reaches its conclusion. For example, if they notice any issues that may lead to future proceedings, they should inform you of their concerns so you can prepare accordingly. It is common for divorced individuals to revisit their family court orders if they need to adjust their child custody arrangement, alimony terms, or their child support agreement. Some individuals must also file contempt proceedings against an ex-spouse who has violated a court order.

If you are ready to discuss your impending divorce with a reliable and experienced team of San Diego, CA family law attorneys, contact Bickford, Blado & Botros today and schedule a consultation. We will take time to get to know you and your situation so we can provide the most comprehensive legal representation possible.



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