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Annulment: The Other Option to Ending a Marriage

What to Do If You Discover Important Information After Finalizing Your Divorce

For those people looking into ending their marriage, divorce is an obvious option that will likely be a person’s first choice. Most people are at least partially familiar with the divorce process and likely know someone who has gone through a divorce. However, there is another way to legally end a marriage in California. Although both a divorce and an annulment sever marital ties, the legal effects of each are very different. There are both pros and cons for each option, so both should be thoroughly considered if they are an option.

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Megan Fox may pay “manimony”…shows us alimony isn’t just for the ladies anymore!

After a 5 year marriage, Megan Fox filed for divorce from Brian Austin Green in August. While there has been much speculation since then as to whether Fox would be on the hook for spousal support, it seems that Green has just confirmed the possibility by his response filed September 29, 2015, on which he reportedly checked that magic little box requesting spousal support be paid to him by Fox.

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