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When Can Custody Orders Be Modified?

When Can Custody Orders Be Modified?Child custody must always be decided based on the best interests of the child or children involved. However, a variety of factors are involved in making these decisions, and these could change over time. This could mean that the custody orders may need to change as well. Therefore, parents are afforded the opportunity to petition the court for modifications.

However, it’s important to work with a San Diego child custody lawyer when these opportunities arise to ensure that your position is given a strong argument.

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How Much Will I Pay in Child Support in California?

How Much Will I Pay in Child Support in California?One of the biggest questions asked when filing for divorce is how much you will pay for child support in California. In some cases, the court orders that child support payments be made by the higher earner to the lower earner. This is meant to lower the difference in quality of life between the two parties so that the child’s interests are represented. For more details on your child support payments, contact a San Diego child support attorney.

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Do Parents Have to Provide Health Insurance for Children After a Divorce in California?

Do Parents Have to Provide Health Insurance for Children After a Divorce in California?Health insurance is usually not the first thing that comes to mind during a divorce, but it is incredibly important to think about. It’s usually mandatory in the state of California, so losing health insurance coverage can result in financial consequences for individual spouses as well as their children. If you have detailed questions regarding your health insurance situation after a divorce, contact a San Diego divorce lawyer.

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Does the Mother Automatically Have Full Custody in California?

Does the Mother Automatically Have Full Custody in California?It is a popular belief that mothers automatically receive custody of their children if the parents split, but this is not always the case. Who gets custody often depends on things like the couple’s marital status and each parent’s individual situation. To help improve your odds of receiving custody, contact a San Diego family law attorney.

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Common Mistakes Made During a Custody Battle in California

Common Mistakes Made During a Custody Battle in CaliforniaChild custody battles are often contentious and filled with intense emotions, making them some of the most challenging elements of a divorce. During a custody battle, it’s imperative that you prioritize the well-being of your child in every proceeding. This is because a judge will make their decision based on what they believe is in your child’s best interests. However, it can be easy for parents to let emotions take over and lead them to make mistakes during the process.

As Bickford Blado & Botros, our firm is prepared to assist you during these intense times. Our legal team has decades of experience supporting families as they work through their respective custody battles and can fight for solutions that help you feel comfortable. We believe that every parent deserves to have a lawyer who can advocate for their interests while fighting to protect their children. Ask how our family lawyers can assist you today.

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Understanding Child Custody Laws in California

Understanding Child Custody Laws in CaliforniaChild custody battles are difficult and can become a physical, emotional, and financial strain on families. Whether you’re a mother fighting for custody or a grandparent trying to uphold your rights to your grandchild, it’s essential that you understand California’s child custody laws and how they are enforced. If you’re involved in any kind of child custody case, a San Diego family lawyer can be a vital asset throughout your legal proceedings.

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How Are Child Custody Agreements Determined in California?

How Are Child Custody Agreements Determined in California?In California, child custody agreements are based on determining what the most ideal arrangement for the child is and creating a care plan that aligns with this conclusion. In the state of California, family law emphasizes the importance of maintaining frequent and continuing contact between the child and both parents while considering the child’s health, safety, and welfare.

If you are about to begin the child custody process or are well into your custody agreement arrangements, it is helpful to understand what terms are reviewed and used in determining the legal agreement.

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How Does Relocation Impact Child Custody?

How Does Relocation Impact Child Custody?Having to relocate after a child custody arrangement has already been implemented for many years is a reality that many families must face. The need to relocate can sometimes be driven by a new job opportunity, a personal circumstance, or even the sheer desire for a change in environment. However, legal complexities can necessitate the help of a California child custody lawyer in your relocation case.

By understanding the multifaceted implications of relocation on child custody arrangements, parents can better understand how to navigate this difficult decision.

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Should I Choose Mediation for My Divorce?

Should I Choose Mediation for My Divorce?Divorce in California can be extremely difficult. Whether the marriage lasted a few months or decades, there are a lot of emotions that can be involved during separation. When it comes to ending a marriage, there are many different options for carrying out the process. While it is common for each side to hire litigation and dispute items in court, mediation is another option that can be more peaceful and leave fewer scars.

Mediation is an opportunity for both of the divorcing parties to talk through their differences together and come to an agreement outside of the courtroom. If you are looking for a quick and easy divorce but still have some disputes about the divorce agreement, then mediation may be an option for you and your ex-spouse.
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Do I Need to Add a Moving Clause To My California Custody Agreement?

Do I Need to Add a Moving Clause To My California Custody Agreement?During a California divorce, it can be extremely difficult for couples to reach agreements on decisions related to the future of their children, such as issues related to child support, child custody, and visitation. This process can be emotionally distressing for both parties involved.

On top of that, the topic of relocation often arises, as some parents may wish to move cities or states based on new life prospects.

In particular, California offers many new opportunities across the state, and many prompt parents to want to move. When drafting and executing a custody agreement, it’s important to take this into account and consider adding a “moving clause” to the custody arrangement.

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