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The Difference Between Divorce vs. Legal Separation vs. Annulment A married couple or domestic partnership considering separation in California has several legal options available. This can be confusing and frustrating for some couples who are unsure what the “right” way to separate is. Couples can end or separate a marriage through divorce, annulment, or legal […]

Annulment: The Other Option to Ending a Marriage For those people looking into ending their marriage, divorce is an obvious option that will likely be a person’s first choice. Most people are at least partially familiar with the divorce process and likely know someone who has gone through a divorce. However, there is another way […]

What Are Grounds for Annulment in California? In California, divorces and annulments serve the same general purpose—to legally terminate a marriage between two parties. However, the two tools function in vastly different ways. While an annulment is a legal declaration that a marriage never existed, it is different from a divorce. Divorcing spouses recognize that […]

Is an Annulment Right for You? Ending a relationship, especially a marriage, is never easy. Depending on the circumstances, it can be rather messy. When involved in a legally binding marriage, there are a few options to consider for ending that legal contract. For many, this path is divorce. For some, this path may be […]

How to Respond to A Petition for an Annulment If you have been served by your spouse with a petition for an annulment, you are likely wondering exactly what this means and how you should respond appropriately. Compared to a petition for divorce, in which you request the court to dissolve a legally valid marriage, […]

A Detailed Look at the Steps for Seeking an Annulment in California After you have considered your options for dissolving your marriage and decided that the best choice for you is to request an annulment, there are specific steps you must take to complete this process according to California law. Contact Bickford Law today with […]

How to Petition for an Annulment in California If you are married and currently living in California, one effective option for dissolving your marriage is by petitioning the court for an annulment. Compared to a divorce, in which a marriage is considered legally over, an annulment declares that the marriage was invalid. An annulment means, […]

Everything You Need to Know About Annulments Although they happen often, annulments are often misunderstood. Media and popular culture promote a number of diverse yet equally inaccurate representations of this process, making it difficult for most people to recognize the truth of this legal concept. If you are unsatisfied with your relationship or discover new […]

When the marriages of most couples become irretrievably broken, the most common way to end these marriages is to file for divorce. However, certain extenuating circumstances call for annulling the marriage rather than dissolving it. There are two distinct categories of marriages in the context of nullities. There are marriages that are void and there […]

All Americans, religious or not, are in an undeniable state of excitement upon Pope Francis’ first arrival on U.S. soil. As we are bombarded with media coverage of the visit at every turn, the divorce attorneys here at Bickford Blado & Botros find it a fitting time to discuss annulment in California and the Pope’s […]

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